Super 8

For those of you who are too young to remember that cameras used film, Super 8 may not be a movie for you. For those of you who remember E.T. and regard it as a Sci-Fi classic, this movie is not for you. From the preview trailers, Super 8 seemed to be “E.T. on speed”, but unfortunately, it fell short on some nuances for that the description, “E.T. on Red Bull” might fit better. I have nothing against the energy drink, but it does not deliver the mayhem necessary to be illicit or illegal.

Super 8 refers to the 8mm video filming apparatus from the 1970s. A bunch of kids are filming an amateur movie for a contest and they get thrown into a catastrophe that flattens their town. There’s no friendly alien… and there’s no friendly human adults either. The Spielberg-esque, “Nobody understands it but the people who’re in the middle of it” shows through once in a while but doesn’t show enough like it does in movies directed by himself. And of course, you get J.J. Abrams’, “Main character runs like there’s no tomorrow” and “Things fly around and camera swings while we all get scared of invisible monster”.

All in all, it was good entertainment but not a good movie. I give Super 8 3-7/8 stars… yes it was an eighth short of 4 stars. Carpenters know that if it’s short an eighth, you gotta fix it.

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