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Porsche Cayenne Turbo (9PA) Front License Plate Holder

So, here in Illinois, the law says that one must properly display both front and rear license plates. I know most European car owners don’t like to ruin their front bumpers to display a front license plate, but one can receive a ticket (more of a bill) for that. Chicago police is free to issue these citations on parked or moving vehicles. Well, whaddaya know? I got spotted.

I don’t want to be paying $50 every time I enter the city, so I went ahead and installed the front plate holder. This genuine Porsche part, manufactured by Plastic Omnium, fits on the front grill and no drilling into the bumper is necessary. For the 2008 Cayenne Turbo, the part numer is #7L5 807 287 P for the holder and #L7L 000 287 C for the screws.

The installation is quite easy and self explanatory once you see the thing. You will need a Torx-25 bit for the screws that come with the plate holder. If you use a power tool, start at a lower torque setting so you don’t crack the plastic. You will also need some screws for installing the actual plate onto the holder.

I also used a license plate frame from Bell because a naked plate without a border kind’a looked… well, naked. With the large intake grill on the Turbo, a license plate in the front doesn’t look that bad.



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  1. Matthew says

    Hi James – I’m interested in purchasing this setup for my Cayenne, but can’t find anyone who sells it. Where did you buy it?

  2. James says

    You can get it from your Porsche dealer at full price… I got it for free when I got the car but did not install it until I got the ticket.
    This part will ONLY fit the TURBO with the large grill, not the V6 versions.

  3. Matthew says

    Hi James, I have a 2006 turbo so I think it will fit. I did make a trip to the two dealers here in Minneapolis but neither have it. Maybe I could contact your dealer? If you want to shoot that to me offline, you can reach me.



  4. Genevieve Brigitte Bhatia says

    Will this fit the 2012 Cayenne Turbo?

  5. Celia says

    Nope, the Cayenne has been redesigned for 2011 and on.

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