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I recommend AGAINST MacKeeper. Not because their software is a bunch of smaller software cobbled together, but because of how their web advertisement works. The ads for MacKeeper often looks like an alert screen from the OS. People who can’t tell the difference between a pop0up window in their browser v.s. an alert from the OS would click on the ad and proceed to install MacKeeper. I HATE PEOPLE WHO DECEIVE OTHERS FOR THEIR OWN GAIN KNOWING THOSE OTHERS HAVE LESS KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is not god given, it has to be experienced or learned. There is no way around that. And to take advantage of people who just didn’t have that chance yet – is just inhumane.

P.S. If you click on any click-able link on the MacKeeper website, it will download the MacKeeper installer. Even if it’s not the “Download Now” button. Yes, if you click on “More Info” or “Follow us on Facebook” it still downloads the installer.

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